Pipe end bevelling machines

Our staff has already matured 30 years of experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of customized special machines.

Since 1995 we have in particular acquired a remarkable experience in the pipe production sector.

During all this years we have designed and manufactured several pipe end bevelling machines on behalf of different suppliers and as suppliers.

In particular we have acquired experience in those operating ranges:

  • pipes external diameters from 168 mm to 3048 mm
  • pipes lengths from 1,5 m to 18 m
  • pipe thiknesses from 3 mm to 50 mm

Moreover we also gained experience with different pipe materials:

  • carbon steel pipes
  • stainless steel pipes

We also designed a mechanical and eletronic diameter copy systems with up to 3 copying tool supports at the faceplate.

Machine built in 2011

Pipe end bevelling machine designed and manufactured for a stainless steel pipe factory, with electronic pipe face copying system controlled by laser, to machine pipes up to lenghts of 12.000 mm, diameters of 1.220 mm pipe diameter, thickness of 50 mm.

The machine can be built with up to 3 tool supports for different tools and to machine the pipe ends according to all used shapes and dimensions.

We have already built machines for the bevelling of the following pipe dimensions
24”: 610 mm pipe diameter, 12.000 mm pipe lenght
48”: 1.220 mm pipe diameter, 12.000 mm pipe lenght
60”: 1.524 mm pipe diameter, 24.000 mm pipe lenght
100”: 2.540 mm pipe diameter, 18.000 mm pipe lenght

Machines head with laser copying system and single tool support

Machine built in 2003

Pipe end bevelling machine designed for an European Pipe Company, with mechanical pipe face copy system, to machine pipes up to lenghts of 18 m, diameters of 100”, and thicknesses of 25 mm.

Pipe end bevelling machine

Machine built in 2009