Third-party supplies

Third-party supplies

For over forty years we have been offering high value-added third party processing by supplying high quality products to a wide range of industries.

In addition to precision machining to customer specifications, we offer a complete consultancy service related to the design and prototyping of the required elements.

Our market knowledge also enables us to provide efficient logistical support and supply chain rationalization.

Engineering design, calculation and development

Heavy metalwork, heavy and precision machining


Turnkey plants

Unit 1

Technical office,
Production office:
– Metalwork
– Welding
– Mechanical processing
– Painting

Crane capacity

No. 2 12.5-ton crane.
No. 1 15-ton crane.
No. 2 10-ton crane.
No. 1 20-ton crane.
No. 1 40-ton crane.
No. 1 25-ton crane.

Unit 2

Assembly and testing of very high and heavy machinery.
Administrative office

Assembly area

Height capacity:
15 metres.
Crane capacity:
No. 2 80-ton crane.
No. 1 20-ton crane.
No. 2 10-ton crane.
No. 1 controlled
temperature measuring room.

Unit 3

Assembly and testing of bulky equipment exceeding 3,000 square metres.

Assembly area

Height capacity:
6 metres.
Crane capacity:
No. 6 12.5-ton crane.


Square meters



Boring Machine

n°1 pama 4 axes 15m h= 4m.
n°1 skoda 4 axes 8m h =2.5m.
n°2 tos 4 axes 4m x h =2.5m.
n°2 sanrocco 4 axes 2m x h =1.5m.
n°1 deber 3m x h = 1m.
n°1 deber 2m x h = 1m.

Lathe & Milling

n°1 emco 4 axes 2,5m x ø500mm.
n°1 emco 4 axes 1,51m x ø400mm.


n°1 – n°2 axes 3,5m x ø600mm.
n°2 – n°2 axes 1,5m x ø300mm.

Machining Center

n°1 lilian– n°5 axes 1,2m x h = 800mm.
n°1 lilian– n°3 axes 1m x h = 600mm.