Pipe area

Producers of machinery and turnkey plants for finishing, handling and the hardening pipes, with and without welding.

Flat product divisions

Producers of machinery and turnkey plants for painting, tensioning and degreasing of flat coiled products.

Special machines division

Producers of machinery and plants based on the specific customer requirements.

Third-party supplies

Manufacturers of machinery based on client drawings.

Today, the core business of the machinery company, Morbegno, consists of industrial plants for treating and processing flat rolled products wrapped in coils, and transport and finishing machines for pipes with and without welding.


Our company is mainly engaged in the construction of machinery and plants in the steel industry.

  • Groups for rolling sheet metal mills, pipes, beams, rails and profiles;
  • Assembly line machines;
  • Decoilers and winders; coil loading and unloading carousels;
  • Loading and unloading cars; transport cars;
  • Systems for packaging finished products, coils, bars, pipes;
  • Robots for changes blades for slitter cutting lines;
  • Respooling coil lines;
  • Metal sheet flattening lines;
  • Sawing machines for cutting bars and trimming;
  • Tightening mandrels for pipe rolling mills;
  • Sanding and painting, heat and surface treatments;
  • Workshop assemblies complete with on-board systems for machines for hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic, cooling and electrical use;
  • Technical office equipped with all the necessary tools for developing drawings, performing calculations, feasibility studies and detailed engineering for plants and machinery.



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