Sawing technology

Multicut tube cut-off machine flying multicut

Round Pipe Min/Max. 60,3 mm / 177,8 mm
Square Pipe Min/Max. 47×47 mm / 140×140 mm
Rectangular Pipe Min/Max 55×40 mm / 200×80 mm
Orbital Cut with two one blades.
Horizontal Cut with one blade.
Clamp’s distance from the blades: 5mm.
Very short cutting times.
Higt tool life.

Saw for single bar, tube and profile

Example Data:
Pipe Min. 2” 3/8 – 60 mm
Pipe Max. 7” – 180 mm
Wall Thickness Min. 2,5 mm
Wall Thickness Max. 15 mm
Productivity 120 pcs/h

Saw for single bar, tube and profile
Area tubi - Sawing technology