Laser triangulation

Barni is available for feasibility studies on request with subsequent field demonstration of the
obtained result.

barni laser triangulation

Laser triangulation

Minimum detectable defect size Width 0.1 mm, Length 1 mm, Depth 0.05 mm
Max inspection speed From 2m/s to 15m/s (depending on the choice of camera)
Max Accuracy 0.01 mm
Lateral resolution near to 0.01 mm
GiGE (Gigabit Vision) Interface with PC
Digital I/O at TTL level or 24 V.


Does not require couplants for a good measurement.
It is a contactless system.
Only able to verify the existence of open and visible defects.
The measurement in physical units is guaranteed.
Comprehensive HMI (Human Machine Interface).
Measured range depends on customer expectations.
Wide choice of industrial communication interfaces
Possibility to add OPC server.
Fully automated system (mechanics, automation and industrial vision).
More than 800 points per profile (it could arrive up to 4096 points).
Automatic report generation.
Detection of defects as well as precise
measurement of a given profile.